With the advance of tomorrow’s storm, please be advised that the Parking Authority will be suspending all meter enforcement for Tuesday, March 14th. Additionally, we will also be opening up the Farrand Street Parking Lot for residents who have limited on-street parking. Please note that you can park in the Farrand Lot from 5PM tonight (Monday, March 13th) until 7AM Wednesday. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL NON-PERMIT VEHICLES MUST BE MOVED BY 7AM WEDNESDAY MORNING.

There is… also free parking in all of the local elementary school playgrounds and the township recreation parking lots at Clark’s Pond South, Memorial Park, Felton Field, Wrights Field and Pulaski Park as well. If you wish to park in the Glenwood Garage, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT PARKING WILL BE EXTREMELY LIMITED. We must accommodate the 280 residents of Avalon Bay, who pay for their monthly parking, the regular monthly permit holders, along with 35+ emergency service vehicles that are moved there for the storm. We also need to close the roof of the garage as well, which will further limit the amount of spaces available. If you still choose to park in the Glenwood Garage, please be advised that the cost will be $1.00 for every hour that you are parked.

Inclement Weather Update 3/13 – 3/15