Please be advised that the BPA has had the Conger Street Lot and most of the Farrand Street Lot plowed out last night to the best of our ability.  We realize there is more to do, however it is impossible to do a clean plowing job when there are still vehicles that are parked randomly in the lots.

Tonight’s plan of attack is to clean up the Royal Parking Lot, both upper and lower levels and then the Pitt Street Lot as well. We are coming in after hours with a front loader and 1, if not 2, dump trucks so that we can haul the snow away.

I am asking that if at all possible, please remove your cars from those lots today/tonight and park them in the Farrand Street Lot.  This will make our job much easier.

During the day today (1/27), our maintenance crew is over at the Myrtle Street Lot with the bobcat, trying to move all of the snow into one centralized pile so that the after hours crew can hopefully get to it tonight as well. Tomorrow morning (1/28), our maintenance crew will be working with the bobcat in State Street Lot we hope to move all of the snow into one centralized pile so that it may be removed by the after hours crew that night.

We have cleaned the best we can, and will continue to work on it during the day while we have the nice weather on our side.

The BPA would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we work on digging out from this massive snowstorm.