Please be advised that the Bloomfield Parking Authority Board of Commissioners recently voted to adjust the pricing for their 6 month permit lots, the Glenwood Garage and the 12 hour commuter meters.

Glenwood Garage (effective 4/1/2017)

  • The first 30 minutes of parking is FREE from point of entry
  • Jack’s Super Foodtown will still be validating your parking ticket if you spend more than $20.00. Please remember to bring your ticket in with you so you can present it to the cashier for validation
  • Please note that you WILL be charged $1.00 if you exceed either the first 30 free minutes or go over the complimentary validated ticket time
  • Monthly Daytime Permit (Mon-Sat, 6am-8pm) $95
  • Monthly Evening Permit (Mon-Sat, 6pm-8am) $85
  • There are limited 24 hour access permits available, please call 973-680-8960 for further details

6 Month Permit Parking Lots

These prices will be effective for the July 2017 – December 2017 renewal period.

For all Bloomfield Residents and Businesses – 6 Month Permits:

  • Conger Street Lot – $300
  • Farrand Street Lot – $420
  • Myrtle Street Lot – $150
  • Pitt Street Lot – $210

For all Non-Residents – 6 Month Permits:

  • Farrand Street Lot – $540
  • Myrtle Street Lot – $300

12 Hour Commuter Meters

The price for the 12 hour commuter meters will now be $1.00 per hour (0.25 cents for 15 minutes.)  These meters are currently located on Glenwood Avenue across from the CVS/DD/KFC plaza, on Lackawanna Plaza, and in the lower Royal Parking Lot for the Bloomfield Lackawanna train station, and on Westinghouse Plaza for the Watsessing train station.  In addition, we have made the meters on Conger Street (NOT THE CONGER LOT), that are located alongside Watsessing Park 12 hour meters as well, to help with commuter/long term parking.  We are currently in the process of updating all of the meters with new labels that indicate what the new pricing is.  All of the existing ParkMobile zone numbers will remain the same.  This price change will be effective on June 1, 2017.

The cost for all other meters will remain the same (0.25 cents per 20 minutes) and you will still be able to use ParkMobile at all of our meters and Pay & Display stations.  Additionally, you may still park for FREE at any meter or permit parking lot between the hours of 6:00pm-8:00am Monday through Saturday and all day on Sundays.


Spring 2017 Price Increases