Front Wallet Card

Meter Regulations

Meter Rates are in effect Monday – Saturday, 8:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. unless posted otherwise. $.25 (Quarters only) = 15 minutes

Glenwood Garage Regulations

Hourly parking is available 24hrs., seven days a week, $1.00 for up to an hour and $1.00 every hour thereafter. There are 2HR short term parking spaces ( labeled spaces) available on the ground level and 2nd level. If you wish to park longer than 2hrs there are spaces available from the 2nd level and above. Parking must be paid before exiting at Pay Stations (cash/ credit) on Ground Level or upon exiting at the gate (credit card only).  

Daytime Monthly Access Card Holders may park Monday thru Saturday from 6AM to 8PM, if vehicle is in the garage before or after the stated time the $1.00 per hour rate applies and must be paid upon exit. For additional information visit our Permit Information page. 

Handicapped Parking

Per state guidelines effective 2013, Handicapped parkers must pay for the maximum time allowed by the meter, before the free 24 hour overtime exception applies.  They must also possess a valid and up to date registration card, hangtag and/or license plate.  Please visit NJ Division of Disability Services for additional information.  

Parking Permit Rules and Regulations

Parking Permits are in effect Monday – Saturday, 8:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. unless posted otherwise.

Parking Permits are not valid for parking at meters in parking lots or on the street, unless specifically permitted to do so.

Permits must be properly displayed on the vehicle rearview mirror. If the vehicle registered to the permit will be replaced by another vehicle, the permit holder must notify the Bloomfield Parking Utility of the change and obtain permission to park with that replacement vehicle.

One car may be parked at one time per permit.